Animal Crossing: Wild World

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23rd December 2005

Animal Crossing: Wild World

12th October 2005

Animal Crossing DS details

22nd September 2005

Animal Crossing DS details

Animal Crossing is, like Tetris, a game that is constantly evolving in quiet ways while seeming - superficially and to outsiders - to be a game that never changes at all. Holding a piece, the instant drop, even the number of pieces visibly queued up ahead: these are all elements that have fundamentally changed the way Tetris plays. Equally, in Animal Crossing a new type of store, a new focus for your collecting, a subtle tweaking to the economy can transform the overall experience of living in a village and trying to get Spike to come back home.

UK charts: World at War still raging

Prince of Persia, Animal Crossing less so.

Call of Duty: World at War has notched up a fourth week in command of the UK All-Formats Chart. With just two weeks to go, looks like it's a strong contender to take the Christmas top spot.

Animal Crossing movie trailer

Animal Crossing movie trailer

Now available for viewing.

A new trailer for the forthcoming Animal Crossing movie has popped up on the Internet.

As previously announced, the movie is being helmed by Japanese director Jouji Shimura and should hit cinemas over there in December. The trailer's not very long, unfortunately, but it'll at least give you a taste of what to expect.

A new website for the movie has also been launched - though you'll need a working knowledge of Japanese to make any sense of it, sadly.

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Nintendo talks AC Wii

Phone and email possibilities.

Nintendo executive Katsuya Eguchi has revealed that the Wii version of Animal Crossing may allow you to send messages to fellow players via your PC and mobile phone.

Animal Crossing for Wii

Still in the planning phase.

Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi has confirmed that a Wii version of Animal Crossing is in the pipeline - but there's no word on a release date yet, since they're still deciding how the whole thing's going to work.

Animal Crossing movie coming

3 million copies of DS game sold.

Nintendo has announced that more than 3 million copies of DS title Animal Crossing: Wild World have been shipped around the globe.

FeatureAnimal Crossing closes gap on Lara

Vivendi still chilling out in second place.

No change at the top of the charts this week, as Tomb Raider Legend clings on to first place for the third consecutive week, despite sales dropping by more than half over the Easter break.

Animal Crossing treats coming

The Easter bunny's on his way!

Good news for Animal Crossing: Wild World fans - the Nintendo Easter bunny is heading to your town this weekend, bringing all sorts of seasonal treats.

We made evil flower - Nintendo

Animal Crossing 'plague' halted.

Nintendo's shouldered responsibility for the "Red Tulip problem" with Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS, US versions of which are pretty popular with us European types despite the fact the game's not out here until March 31.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Strangest thing...

The first thing I remember is waking up in the back of a warm taxi cab, speeding through the driving rain. The driver, a frog, introduces himself as the Kapp'n, and asks me a variety of questions to find out who I am - secretly it helps me ascertain that very thing myself. It turns out my name is Mathew. I'm heading to the town of NewGenki, a small town populated by animals, and I have no money to pay the fare. Despite that fact, he drops me off cheerfully.

I have strange vague memories of another place, another time, when the Kapp'n would take me across to a beautiful island, and sing sea shanties while he did so.

The girl behind the counter in the Town Hall, Pelly, is very helpful. She let me know Tom Nook had prepared a home for me. I found it using my map. It's little more than a shack, and Nook, an entirely too-friendly raccoon, is forcing me to pay off my mortgage, an astounding 19,800 bells, by working for him in his shop. They are mostly menial tasks, allowing me to get used to my surroundings, helping me get to know my animal friends. I'm particularly taken with a burly penguin called Roald - he's always so... "Pumped". In the end the work raises a mere 1,400 bells, and Nook has already tired of me.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Wild, weird and rather wonderful.

It's not every day that an angry pig called Rasher demands to know when your birthday is. Or that a taxi-driving turtle asks you out to dinner. Or that a raccoon informs him you're in a huge amount of debt and must work in his shop to pay it off.

Animal Crossing DS details

Animal Crossing DS details

US version'll work fine online from here, plus network-play reports.

Animal Crossing: Wild World may not be out for a little while in Europe, but with the US version due to hit on December 4th it's probably fair to guess that plenty of you will be playing it soon.

So, first of all, there's good news on that front: you needn't worry about your American version not hooking up to Nintendo's online service from this country or indeed any other. We have it on top authority that it's all fine - there's no new region protection specific to online DS games.

And, in more good news, Japanese website Nintendo Inside reports that it's very good indeed. Or at least, that they enjoyed playing it during a recent demonstration at the brilliantly named Toys R Us Carnival in Japan.

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Animal Crossing DS details

Animal Crossing DS details

No more train station!

New details have emerged of Animal Crossing: Wild World, the DS version of the hit Gamecube and N64 title that sees you taking of the role of a cute animal, living in a cute town and doing cute things.

According to US magazine Nintendo Power, you only need one DS cart for up to four players to live together in the same village - and indeed the same house, unlike in the Gamecube version.

Then it's up to you and your housemates to fill your new home with cute stuff and, of course, pay off the mortgage.

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Euro date for Animal Crossing DS

Q1 '06, says Nintendo.

Nintendo UK told Eurogamer this morning that the DS version of Animal Crossing, newly renamed Wild World, is aiming for a first quarter 2006 release in Europe.