Angry Birds Trilogy Reviews

Angry Birds Trilogy review

"Better with Kinect". As a slogan, it's perfect. So pro-active! So on message! As an actual promise? Microsoft has yet to demonstrate how the addition of its hugely successful yet much maligned motion controller has improved any of the games that have incorporated it. Compatible with Kinect? Sure. Playable with Kinect? Sometimes. But better with Kinect? That's a really short list.

Despite wearing the purple stripe on the front cover, Angry Birds Trilogy won't be joining that list. It's considerably worse with Kinect, its use here apparently stemming from the common misconception that touch-screen controls and motion controls are the same thing. They're not, and Rovio's pocket-sized juggernaut offers ample proof.

Simply keeping your catapult steady is a hassle in itself; zooming in and out to view the whole screen is an infuriating chore; and the prospect of an accidental waggle launching your bird too early hangs like the sword of Damocles over every stage. Angry Birds Trilogy is emphatically not better with Kinect.

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