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VideoAngry Birds games hit 1 billion downloads

Developer Rovio thanks fans in new video.

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Pigs, birds fail to broker treaty.

Mobile Games Roundup

Reckless! Shoot! Dexter! Angry! Buka!

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The Angry Birds movie officially announced

The Angry Birds movie officially announced

Coming to theaters in summer of 2016.

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment has officially announced that it's making a feature film based on the popular mobile game.

Due in summer of 2016, the CG-animated movie is being produced by John Cohen, who recently produced Despicable Me. Former chairman of Marvel Studios and executive producer of Iron Man, David Maisel, will act as executive producer of the film.

Rovio will retain full creative control over the project by producing and financing the movie "outside the studio system," whatever that means.

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Wii U a "natural match" for Angry Birds

Rovio "not going to ignore Kinect, Move".

Rovio has told Eurogamer it is "looking at every console" as a potential nest for Angry Birds, despite having criticised Xbox Live, Nintendo and even console gaming in the past.

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Rovio's huge Angry Birds riches detailed

Facebook is next platform to be conquered.

News that Rovio, the small Finnish developer Rovio behind Angry Birds, has done rather well for itself off the back of its smartphone phenomenon will come as little surprise. However, new information detailing the scope of its fortune makes for an eye-watering read.

Angry Birds: St Patrick’s Day announced

Angry Birds: St Patrick’s Day announced

Rio movie tie-in coming soon too.

The next holiday to be celebrated by hit physics puzzler Angry Birds's Seasons expansion is St Patrick's Day, developer Rovio has announced.

Making the announcement during a presentation today at the Game Developer's conference in San Francisco, Rovio chief Peter Vesterbacka promised the update, which will presumably be available around 17th March, is "very green" and boasts "more pigs than ever".

The smartphone phenomenon has already seen free Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's-themed level packs, and Vesterbacka promised there are more to come.

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Angry Birds Nintendo 3DS confirmed

Angry Birds Nintendo 3DS confirmed

Alan Wake dev co-founder joins Rovio.

Mobile phenomenon Angry Birds will launch on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

In a tweet response to questions by dsfocus, developer Rovio Mobile said the puzzle game will release on "Wii and 3DS later in the year".

The plan is to launch the first Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Seasons and the upcoming Angry Birds Rio as digital downloads.

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Angry Birds sells a million in six days

Angry Birds sells a million in six days

Halloween edition is scarily successful.

The new Halloween edition of the absurdly popular mobile game Angry Birds has shifted more than a million downloads in just six days, developer Rovio has announced.

The original game has sold 6.5 million units to date on the App Store and a further two million Android downloads.

"We're delighted to see such fantastic reception for Angry Birds Halloween," said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. "We intend to continue creating more and more quality products and updates, and keep exceeding the expectations of our fans worldwide."

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Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Reckless! Shoot! Dexter! Angry! Buka!

The trouble with doing these roundups is never quite knowing how good a game is going to be. As with Game Dev Story, you can sometimes end up finding something so good that it clearly deserves its own review. This is probably the shortest review you'll ever see on Eurogamer, but until that review gets commissioned, you should trust me on this and buy it immediately. It'll be the best £2.39 you ever spend. Probably.

The rest of the current crop isn't quite so magisterial in quality, but we think you'll appreciate at least a couple of the five we've got lined up for you this week. Shoot To Kill is the first of numerous new games on the way from ex-Sensible head honcho Jon Hare's new mobile-centric outfit Tower Studios, while addled Angry Birds addicts will no doubt be delighted to know that they can sink another few hours into the 45 new levels on offer.

Elsewhere, Reckless Racing is one of the best-looking mobile titles ever made, while Dexter's belated release on iPad is a prime example of where it all goes horribly, gruesomely wrong. A horror show for all the wrong reasons.

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