Amplitude HD

Having dispensed with the rock-star posturing, Harmonix's return to its abstract rhythm action roots is a textured, vibrant triumph.

Key events

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Rhythm abstraction.

Rock Band developer announces Amplitude release date

Soundtrack features C418, Darren Korb, Insomniac Games.

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Team multiplayer mode teased.

Amplitude HD delayed until summer

"We don't want to cut any corners."

Amplitude HD prototype footage shown off

The camera adds 10 mph.

Harmonix lays off 37 staffers, replaces CEO

Chroma is undergoing "substantial retooling".

Amplitude HD's Kickstarter campaign succeeds on its last day

Comeback kid nearly doubles its funding in two days.

Insomniac CEO Ted Price donates $7500 to Harmonix's Amplitude HD Kickstarter

Rhythm game revival is in dire straits with three days left.

Harmonix launches Kickstarter for a new Amplitude game

Will have Cross-Buy support on PS3 / PS4.