Amnesia: The Dark Descent News

Amnesia Collection announced for PlayStation 4

Poo-yourself-it's-scary survival horror series Amnesia is headed to PlayStation 4 via a new console port.

The collection, imaginatively-named The Amnesia Collection, will arrive for download on 22nd November.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, expansion Amnesia: Justine and sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs are all included in the package. Fresh pants are not.

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Amnesia has earned over 10 times what it cost to make

Frictional working on a new first-person horror game for 2014.

Pants-ruining first-person horror-adventure Amnesia: The Dark Descent may have come out two years ago, but sales have shockingly increased since 21 months ago with the cumulative total coming to roughly a million units, developer Frictional Games has announced.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 breaks records

Latest pack raises $5.1 million from 600,000 downloads.

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has proven to be the most successful release in the series to date, organisers have announced.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs announced for PC

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs announced for PC

Dear Esther developer working on horror sequel.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a follow-up to the supremely scary 2010 PC survival horror, launches later this year, Frictional Games has announced.

As detailed on Joystiq, the game takes place in the same universe as the original but features an entirely new cast of characters.

Set in 1889, it follows "wealthy industrialist" Oswald Mandus who has just returned from an ill-fated trip to Mexico which ended in tragedy. He's picked up a fever and is haunted by visions of a mysterious machine.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent follow-up teased

Frictional's survival horror heading to China?

Acclaimed PC survival horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent could be getting a sequel, judging by a new teaser site posted by developer Frictional Games.

Amnesia scares up 200,000 sales

Amnesia scares up 200,000 sales

"Incredible" tally proves PC exclusives work.

PC survival horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been purchased 200,000 times in the four months since launch - well above its creators' initial estimates.

A post on Frictional Games' blog read, "Summarising all sales since release actually puts us in a state that we never imagined being in.

"When counting all online sales as well as the Russian retail copies, we have now sold almost 200,000 units! This is a tremendous amount and more than we ever thought we would. Our 'dream estimates' before release was something around 100k, and to be able to double that feels insane.

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