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Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World also removed from digital distribution.

It's a new year which brings about all sorts of self-help resolutions, new beginnings and a healthy dose of optimism. It also brings about expired video game licenses resulting in a slew of titles being removed from digital distributors.

SEGA downplays AVP sequel likelihood

SEGA downplays AVP sequel likelihood

"There's a lot more we can do first."

Making a new Aliens vs. Predator game isn't even a consideration yet, SEGA West CEO Mike Hayes has told Eurogamer.

It's a very different stance to last March, when Hayes outlined AVP, Alpha Protocol and Bayonetta as SEGA's mainstay shooter, RPG and action franchises.

Even developer Rebellion admitted to being in sequel talks shortly after AVP was released.

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Rebellion working on NGP shooter?

Reworks internal engine, scouts for work.

Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion has a third person shooter in the works for Sony's forthcoming NGP handheld, and is shopping its reworked game engine to publishers in search of more work.

AVP console patches 

AVP console patches "scrapped"

Man, you look just like I feel.

SEGA has said that forthcoming patches for the console versions of Aliens vs. Predator have been "scrapped".

"I've just received a mail this AM regarding patches for the console versions of AVP and I regret to inform everyone that these have sadly been scrapped," assistant community manager 'Clumsyorchid' revealed.

"I had previously made a claim that these were coming and at the time, this was very much on the table. For the console community, I apologise, as I know there are many features and updates that you'd like to see.

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Second AVP map pack next week

Four maps with weather effects.

SEGA has announced that the second downloadable content pack for Aliens vs. Predator will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 7th July.

SEGA keen on AVP, Bayonetta sequels

SEGA keen on AVP, Bayonetta sequels

Hints at Total War MMO, too.

SEGA's keen to turn Aliens vs. Predator, Alpha Protocol and Bayonetta into franchises, as well as take Total War in "another direction".

"People often ask if we'd take Total War in that [MMO] direction and we're constantly looking at it, but MMO is a very competitive market," SEGA West boss Mike Hayes told CVG. "It goes back to the start of the interview - we want to get the core games right before anything else.

"We've got our shooter with AVP and our RPG with Alpha Protocol - we really want to make that into a franchise. That's the area where we need some success, to sequel-ise that. If you think about it, we can sequel-ise Bayonetta, AVP, Alpha Protocol - if we can make a hit of something like Vanquish - then you add that to Football Manager and Virtua Tennis - we actually have a broad portfolio."

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Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks

Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks

Despite three "totally s***" reviews.

Rebellion has said it's happy with the critical response to Aliens vs. Predator despite three "totally s*** reviews by some Americans".

"We wanted Aliens vs. Predator to be a critical success as well as a commercial success, which we think we have achieved," CEO Jason Kingsley told Develop following the game's chart-topping exploits in the UK.

"The reviews have been mostly good. We've had three totally s*** reviews by some Americans, which is a bit odd. Some of them were inexcusably bad," he said.

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BBFC2, AVP demos on PSN Store today

Plus: Final Fantasy VIII available for PSP.

Online multiplayer demos for Aliens vs. Predator and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 await you on the PlayStation Store today. They're both free, so there's no reason not to give these two newcomers a spin.

SEGA wins AVP appeal in Australia

Game to be released after all.

SEGA has won its appeal against Aliens vs. Predator's refusal of classification in Australia, meaning the game can be released over there as an MA15+ title.

Rebellion rises against Australia AVP ban

Will not "sanitise" or "cut" content.

Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion has refused to "sanitise" its game, claiming the Australian Government does not consider adults "able to make their own entertainment choices".

Aliens vs. Predator banned in Australia

SEGA considering appeal.

The Australian Classification Board has refused classification to SEGA and Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator, barring it from sale in Australia in its current version.

AVP to impact Colonial Marines timing

But don't expect it for some time.

SEGA president Mike Hayes has said that the launch of Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines probably won't be scheduled until 6-12 months after Aliens vs. Predator launches in February 2010.

AVP Alien campaign, multi detailed

Xenomorph impressions inside.

SEGA has been proudly showing off new sections of Aliens vs. Predator at gamescom in Cologne this morning, with Alien gameplay being demonstrated for the first time, alongside new details of the multiplayer.