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VideoOutside Xbox's five most disappointing games of 2013

Plus No Man's Sky and the Oxbox Xmas Challenge.

Season's Greetings Eurogamers. It's the home stretch now, 2013's almost over and we're feeling nostalgic for the last 12 months. Broadly it's been a great year for gaming and there are plenty of fantastic games to talk about, but this week we've decided to concentrate instead on the fantastically awful ones.

VideoWatch us play Aliens: Colonial Marines from 5pm GMT

Maybe we could build a fire and sing a couple of songs?

Well, that just happened. Aliens: Colonial Marines launched today, and you've probably already dissected Dan Whitehead's verdict on the long-awaited game from Gearbox. Still, while it might hardly be a great game, it's definitely an interesting one, and you might want to check out what exactly all the fuss is about.