Aliens: Colonial Marines News

Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World also removed from digital distribution.

It's a new year which brings about all sorts of self-help resolutions, new beginnings and a healthy dose of optimism. It also brings about expired video game licenses resulting in a slew of titles being removed from digital distributors.

Sega agrees to $1.25m settlement in Aliens: Colonial Marines case

While Gearbox remains liable to further action.

Sega has agreed to pay out $1.25m as it looks to settle a class-action suit relating to the false advertisement of Aliens: Colonial Marines - while Gearbox, which was also named in the claim, continues to fight on. Polygon has the full scoop on the latest twist in the ongoing saga.

Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

Claims it spent millions of its own money on the game.

Last year a class action lawsuit was filed against Gearbox and Sega alleging that Aliens: Colonial Marines was falsely advertised as its impressive press demo at E3 didn't resemble the final retail release. At the time Gearbox and Sega sought to fight this lawsuit and now Gearbox has filed a motion stating exactly why the accusations are baseless and that the developer should be removed from the lawsuit entirely.

Aliens: Colonial Marines managed 1.31 million sales

Aliens: Colonial Marines managed 1.31 million sales

That about merits a sequel doesn't it? What?

Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of Sega's best-selling games last financial year (ended 31st March 2012) despite being absolute pants.

The shooter, made by Gearbox Software - oh really? - shifted a successful 1.31 million copies, according to Sega's annual financial report.

Nevertheless, Colonial Marines remains a sore spot for Sega, having been pelted with critical scorn and even class action lawsuits about misleading advertising. And rumour has it that TimeGate Studios, the team thought to be responsible for the bulk of Aliens: Colonial Marines, has now been closed.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sequel possible, says Michael Biehn

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sequel possible, says Michael Biehn

Voice actor also weighs in on Aliens: Colonial Marines role.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon voice actor and Eighties film legend Michael Biehn has hinted that a sequel to the bonkers downloadable shooter may be on the cards.

Blood Dragon's creative director Dean Evans recently spoke with Biehn and mentioned plans for another spin-off.

"[Evans] was with me on the phone last night. He was pretty jacked up," Biehn explained on the Major Nelson podcast (thanks, IGN).

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Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines misses launch window, is it still alive?

Update: Sega has revealed that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been canned.

A Sega rep sent the following statement to Kotaku: "We are constantly looking at all areas of our business and in this case have made the decision to not continue development of the Wii U version."

"Rest assured that we have some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline which we will announce at a later date."

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Sega adds disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers after admitting they didn't accurately reflect final game

Sega adds disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers after admitting they didn't accurately reflect final game

Reddit user highlights "absurd" difference between in-game and playthrough footage.

Sega has added disclaimers to its Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers after admitting they didn't accurately reflect the final game.

The decision was made following talks between Sega and the Advertising Standards Agency sparked by a complaint made by a Reddit user called subpardave.

Subpardave wrote to the ASA highlighting what he described as the "absurd" difference between the "in-game" and "playthrough" footage used to advertise the troubled Gearbox Software shooter.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines has been patched on Xbox 360, PS3

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been patched on Xbox 360, PS3

UPDATE: Second patch now live, "erratic" Xeno movements fixed.

UPDATE #2: A second patch for console versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been deployed, in addition to the update listed below.

Amongst a multitude of bugfixes and tweaks, the glitch that showed Xenos displaying "erratic animations" (jazz hands) is now gone.

There's now an increased light radius for player's shoulder lamp (a common complaint) and tweaked enemy and friendly AI to be "more aggressive and responsive" (presumably so you can't just run straight past them now).

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Several staffers on Aliens: Colonial Marines spill the beans on what went wrong - report

"The game feels like it was made in nine months, and that's because it was."

Aliens: Colonial Marines is heavily regarded as one of the biggest train wrecks in gaming history. Criticisms have run rampant from its shoddy critical reception to gamers crying afoul of its pre-release demo not being at all representative of the final product. While publisher Sega and developers Gearbox and TimeGate haven't officially responded to the game's poor reception - and are probably buried under a mountain of non-disclosure agreements - several staffers agreed to anonymously speak to Kotaku to outline what went wrong with the highly-anticipated sci-fi shooter.

UK chart: Aliens: Colonial Marines enjoys biggest launch of 2013

Sega and Gearbox's ropey shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines is top of the UK video games chart.

It's the biggest release of the year so far, according to UK data cruncher GfK Chart-Track, which means it's bigger than Dead Space 3.

Colonial Marines enjoyed the second strongest opening week of sales of any Aliens video game. The champion is Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator from 2010.

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Sega UK denies that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled on Wii U

Sega UK denies that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled on Wii U

Suggests the game is still due before the end of March.

Sega has denied internet rumours that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled.

"It's not true," a Sega UK representative told Eurogamer this morning. "We haven't announced the release date for it yet but that's it."

Rumours that Sega had shelved the Wii U version of Aliens began last night after a remark made by Kotaku writer Jason Schreier.

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New Colonial Marines trailer showcases pre-order bonuses

New Colonial Marines trailer showcases pre-order bonuses

We know you've Biehn waiting for this.

Sega's leathery oozing egg sac has slowly peeled open, and a pre-order trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines has jumped out, all skittering and creepy.

In the trailer we finally get to see the in-game content that's on offer for anyone who pre-orders the game before its February 2013 release. Chief among these is the chance to play as "legacy characters" from James Cameron's 1986 movie. Gruff old Sergeant Apone. Handsomely deadpan Corporal Hicks. Squealing fraidy cat Private Hudson and illegally blond Private Drake. No love for poor old playground favourite Spunkmeyer? For shame.

No word on whether the actual cast members will reprise their roles - Bill Paxton isn't that busy, surely - or how this will fit into the series chronology, now that Hicks and friends will apparently be investigating their own disappearance on LV-426. We'll leave that to the fan fiction writers to sort out.

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EGXFirst ever live code demo of Rome 2 in Eurogamer Expo developer session

Publisher SEGA also bringing playable Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Cave and Hell Yeah!

Those of you who came along to Rezzed this July were privileged to check out a small glimpse of Rome 2, The Creative Assembly's newest instalment in the all-conquering conquer-'em-up Total War series. If you're coming to the Eurogamer Expo, however, you'll witness the first public demonstration of playable code in an exclusive Creative Assembly developer session.

Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013, new trailer released

Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013, new trailer released

UPDATE: Gearbox comments on lengthy development.

UPDATE: Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has issued a statement on Aliens: Colonial Marines' latest delay and new release date, and addressed fan complaints that development has taken too long.

He said the total development time will end up being the same as that of Borderlands and the first Brothers in Arms, and blamed the perceived long wait on Colonial Marines' early announcement in December 2006.

"At the beginning of this effort a few years ago, as the business was in place to allow for the effort, everyone was excited. 20th Century Fox and Sega immediately shared the news with a press release that announced that Gearbox would be making a game in the franchise with these goals in mind. Later, the game was revealed with details and a title, Aliens: Colonial Marines, on the cover of Game Informer magazine. At that moment, we had finished our prototypes and were eager to test our promise against fans and then set real production in motion.

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Sega cancelling titles,

Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business

Key IP Sonic, Football Manager, Total War, Aliens unaffected.

Sega will cut jobs and cancel titles as it attempts to "streamline" the home video games business in Europe and the US.

Parent company Sega Sammy released a statement announcing the "structural reform" today. It comes as Sega braces investors for an "extraordinary loss" for the full financial year ending 31st March 2012.

"The Consumer Business centred on Sega Corporation is expected to post operating loss in the year ending March 2012, due to the challenging economic climate and significant changes in the home video game software market environment in the US and Europe.

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Yakuza: Dead Souls release date announced

Yakuza: Dead Souls release date announced

Plus, Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Limited Edition date.

Yakuza: Dead Souls launches in Europe on 16th March, Sega has announced.

Dead Souls is the Western name for Of the End, the zombie-themed PlayStation 3 exclusive Yakuza game.

Elsewhere, a Limited Edition of PC strategy game Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai launches on 23rd March 2012.

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Aliens: Infestation release date announced

Aliens: Infestation release date announced

DS side-scroller out next month.

Long-in-the-offing DS side-scroller Aliens: Infestation launches on 30th September.

According to Joystiq, a US release for the WayForward-developed title will then follow on 11th October.

Wayforward know their platforming onions so it could be worth a look. The studio's past credits include the lovely Wii update of A Boy and his Blob, DS brute Contra 4 and recent DSiWare favourite Shantae: Risky's Revenge.

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Sega confirms Aliens: Infestation

Sega confirms Aliens: Infestation

DS side-scroller coming September.

Long-rumoured sci-fi action title Aliens: Infestation will launch on DS this September, Sega has revealed.

Outed in a post on the company's official Twitter feed, this is the first we've officially heard of the game from Sega.

Despite this, rating listings from both the ESRB and it's Aussie equivalent pointed to the game's existence as far back as May.

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Duke Nukem had "gay robot" sidekick

Plus: Randy Pitchford talks Borderlands 2.

Randy Pitchford has revealed that Duke Nukem nearly ended up with a "gay robot" sidekick which could still make an appearance in a future title.

Gearbox denies new Aliens: CM delay

Plus, pours water on Borderlands 2 talk.

Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox Software has dismissed reports that the upcoming FPS has been pushed back beyond the end of 2011.

Aliens: Colonial Marines still alive

Gearbox shines a light.

Resurrected first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever might have been the talk of PAX over the weekend, but developer Gearbox Software still found time to reassure gamers that its other in-development title, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is still alive.

AVP to impact Colonial Marines timing

But don't expect it for some time.

SEGA president Mike Hayes has said that the launch of Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines probably won't be scheduled until 6-12 months after Aliens vs. Predator launches in February 2010.

SEGA: Sonic Unleashed out in November

But Aliens and Total War fall into 2009.

SEGA has whipped out its calendar and put dates alongside its upcoming titles, including Sonic Unleashed, which will be out this November. However, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Empire: Total War both fall into 2009.

Gearbox defends in-game ad deal

"Judge us from the result."

Gearbox has defended its recent in-game advertising deal by asking critics not to rubbish it "based on fears that may not turn out to be true".

Sega quiet on Aliens games

But Gearbox boss leaks info.

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has let fly a few plot details for his team's upcoming Aliens-inspired first-person shooter.

Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

Hot on heels of Obsidian RPG.

SEGA has enlisted seasoned PC and console developer Gearbox Software to create a first-person shooter based on the Alien film franchise.

The news comes hot on the heels of an announcement that Neverwinter Nights 2 developer Obsidian Entertainment will be producing a role-playing game based on the films.

Earlier this week SEGA revealed it had secured the rights to create next-generation games based on the enduring sci-fi favourite.

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Obsidian doing Alien RPG

Confirmed. Gearbox for FPS?

SEGA has confirmed that Obsidian Entertainment will be developing its upcoming Alien RPG for next-generation systems.