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Alien: Isolation's second piece of Survivor Mode DLC, Trauma released this week. It stars Dr Lingard, Sevastopol's chief medical officer, attempting to escape the carnage wrought by a pesky wayward xenomorph shortly before the events of the main game. It features three new maps, each with their own online leaderboards and optional additional objectives.

The force is strong with this one! Alien: Isolation is out today, and it's apparently a bit of a treat, a neat slice of horror that is surprisingly leftfield for a mainstream game, evoking the spirit of Slender and Amnesiac and layering on some sensational set design inspired by the movies.

A recent Eurogamer editorial meeting segued naturally into a Eurogamer editorial pizza, a Eurogamer editorial karaoke session (you've got to hear Tom Phillips' a capella rendition of the Mario Bros theme, never mind John Bedford Sings The Wurzels) and a sequence of Eurogamer editorial nightcaps that ended, in one of Brighton's least atmospheric hotel bars during the wee small hours, with Martin Robinson claiming loudly that Alien and Blade Runner were kind of rubbish and that Prometheus was an underrated sci-fi classic. Somehow, he still has our friendship and respect. You have to forgive Martin his little mood swings.

VideoVideo: Creative Assembly on creating a faithful Alien game

"We needed to create new stuff that felt completely true to the original."

It's not out for exactly six months, but anyone who played it at EGX Rezzed at the end of March, where we named it our Game of the Show, could be forgiven for assuming Alien: Isolation was already finished, such was the level of polish on display. Judging by the section we've played, Creative Assembly's survival horror game is the unmistakeable love-child of the original 1979 film and a studio that knows what made it tick.