Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid HD DLC

PDA levels to thumb through.

Those of you still buzzing around The Behemoth's excellent Alien Hominid HD have been invited to invest another 150 Microsoft points for a bit of bonus content.

Alien Hominid HD

Alien Hominid HD

I've got blisters on my fingers...

Now this is what Xbox Live Arcade should be about: quirky, overlooked gems that give you RSI and let you bite the heads off FBI agents. And then rewards you with unlockable hats.

However tempting Alien Hominid's crazed cartoonish charms and old school Metal Slug gameplay seemed back in 2005, it wasn't a game many of you felt compelled to go out and buy at full price. As people were fond of pointing out repeatedly: "but it's a Flash game". Yes. Yes it was, but it was also a game with the kind of instant off-the-wall appeal that's sadly lacking in most of today's big budget epics. Sometimes all you want to do is move a little green man from left to right and make the fire button beg for mercy.

And like any self-respecting little green man who has crashed landed on Earth, you're armed, dangerous and determined to get your ship back, presumably so you can abduct simple redneck country folk late at night. But before you can get back to business, you've basically got to go on a massive killing spree and take down endless FBI agents, tanks, feisty creatures and big stompy robots. As you would.

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Alien Hominid coming to Live

Tomorrow, 800 points.

Cult shooter Alien Hominid is to make its long-overdue Xbox Live Arcade appearance tomorrow at 8 A.M. GMT/ 9 A.M. CET, Microsoft has announced.

Behemoth duo for Live Arcade

Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers.

The Behemoth's quirky 2D shooter Alien Hominid will appear on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, while the developer's other game, another side-scroller called Castle Crashers, will join the XBLA line-up in early 2007.

Alien Hominid Xbox DLC

Hominidae in the face.

ZOO Digital's announced a pair of downloadable level packs for owners of Alien Hominid for Xbox, the simple but mentalistically violent cartoon shoot-'em-up from indie dev The Behemoth.

Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid

"Illegal alien, signed up." "Anyone ever mistook you for a man" "Etc."

It's with no small horror that I realise I'm inching towards my ten year's anniversary of doing this (i.e. Writing nonsense about videogames in exchange for a small pile of money). Starting on the Amiga, I was in the front line of its battle in the post-Sonic Brushfire conflict where everyone and their dog made a rudimentary side-on action game of varying flavours. I've still got the scars, man. Hell: I get Flashback flashbacks [not as good as Another World, was it? - Equally ageing Ed].

Returning to this Metal-Slug-style side-on blaster, you realise that no matter how much has changed, fundamentally, nothing has. Things which were always bad signs back in the day rear their ugly head here. The lesson in question: the number of lives a game gives you is inversely proportional to its quality.

Start Alien Hominid and you discover that you have many lives. And Credits. Oh my.

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No Alien Hominid for Euro Cube

PS2 and Xbox only, says ZOO.

Following the really rather excellent news that a Eurogamer Signature Edition of Alien Hominid is now available for Xbox and PS2, publisher ZOO Digital has confirmed that the game won't be coming to GameCube.

UPDATE - ZOO Digital sends word this morning, Wednesday 25th, that the Alien Hominid - Eurogamer Signature Edition has now sold out completely. Thanks to all who bought one, and sorry if you were out of luck. All the orders will be shipped today so that you get hold of them in time for release date.

Alien Hominid

If it's the bastard offspring of anything, it'd be an orgy involving Viewtiful Joe, Johnny Bravo and Metal Slug - and nobody remembers who put what where.