Alice: Madness Returns


Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns Performance Analysis

A 30FPS baseline, but less tearing on Xbox 360.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360/PC Face-Off

The PC version factored into the console comparison.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360 Face-Off

The latest Unreal Engine-powered hit compared.

Key events

Alice: Otherlands recruits legendary director Tsui Hark

From the creator of Once Upon a Time in China and Time and Tide.

American McGee's Kickstarter to acquire the film right to Alice in Wonderland has caught the attention of veteran film director Tsui Hark, who has agreed to join the Shanghai-based developer's effort in making this dream movie a reality.

American McGee cancels failing OZombie Kickstarter

American McGee cancels failing OZombie Kickstarter

UPDATE: Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter launched.

UPDATE: American McGee has now launched the Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter to develop animated films based on his dark game series.

McGee is asking for $200,000 and has generated $36,348 at the time of writing. The campaign has 19 days to go.

Otherlands will continue the storyline of McGee's existing Alice games and see the character using her powers to enter the minds of others, such as old-time contemporaries Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin and Jack the Ripper, McGee suggests.

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Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns

Stuff it back down the rabbit hole.

All is not right in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter's domain has become a Communist industrial complex, where giant, living, unblinking teapots have been repurposed as parts of a rickety production line. The Walrus and the Carpenter have taken to performing in a slutty undersea cabaret that hides a gory secret. Worst of all, a massive train shaped like a cathedral on wheels is thundering through the world, leaving destruction and lakes of leathery tar in its wake.

No, sorry, I got that wrong. Worst of all is that exploring Wonderland is, in practice, about as full of wonder as watching paint dry. Paint the colour of blood and dreams, but paint nonetheless.

The first American McGee's Alice, released all the way back in the year 2000, was a passable platformer that was hoisted up and carried by its twisted Wonderland setting. The game asked, if Wonderland represents Alice's imagination and psyche, what would happen if Alice went mad?

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Out This Week - 17/06/11

Zelda! Alice! Dungeon Siege! Child of Eden!

This week sees the return of a true classic in the world of gaming - a sequel to American McGee's Alice game! Ah, we kid. We mean Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D.

Alice console port confirmed

Alice console port confirmed

Free with new copies of Madness Returns.

As expected, EA has confirmed that those who buy new copies of Alice: Madness Returns will be able to download American McGee's Alice for free.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions include a one-time use Online Pass registration code that allows them to redeem the console port for free.

Those who buy used copies of Madness Returns can buy its predecessor for 800 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live Marketplace or 7.99 from the PlayStation Network through the main menu.

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Alice: Madness Returns

Screw the looking glass.

Poor old Alice. She's back in Wonderland and it's an increasingly miserable place, horribly corrupted by her slackening hold on reality. Specifically she's in Queens Land, home of the Queen of Hearts and her playing card minions. The stony castle has been overgrown by ivy and neglect and now festers under a piss-yellow sky of despair.

Alice: Madness Returns release date

Alice: Madness Returns release date

Sequel set for the summer.

Alice: Madness Returns will launch on 14th June, EA has announced.

Maker American McGee put a ring on it at the Game Developers Conference yesterday.

American McGee's Alice was published on PC 10 years ago by EA. A decade on and EA is ready for a sequel; American McGee himself unveiled Alice: Madness Returns at a publisher showcase during the summer last year.

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FeatureAlice: Madness Returns

American McGee describes the sequel.

It's been 10 years since American McGee showed us his twisted interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland tale, and now, finally, we're getting a sequel. Alice: Madness Returns was announced during the summer at an EA showcase event via a spooky and frankly disturbing video.

McGee: Alice won't go "over the top"

But will tackle "adult" and "mature" topics.

American McGee has told Eurogamer that his new game Alice: Madness Returns will not squirt blood and gore "for the sake of getting an M rating".

EA announces Alice: Madness Returns

EA announces Alice: Madness Returns

American McGee's disturbing interpretation.

EA has confirmed the title of American McGee's new game as Alice: Madness Returns.

It's in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and will be released next year.

Alice: Madness Returns picks up 10 years after McGee's first Alice game. We pick-up our heroine after a decade confined to an asylum for the insane. She's off to find out what happened to her toasted family and work out why she's a bit bonkers.

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EA to publish Alice follow-up

American McGee back in Wonderland.

Electronic Arts has announced plans to publish a follow-up to American McGee's Alice, which originally came out in 2000.

Max Payne, Alice on track

To make big screen debuts.

Hollywood producer Scott Faye has confirmed that the big screen adaptations of Max Payne and Alice are still on track and are coming along nicely, thank you.

Buffy to star in Alice movie

TCM remake director to helm.

More than four years after the game's release, Universal Pictures has announced plans to produce a movie adaptation of Alice, the cult PC platformer from American McGee.