Alan Wake's American Nightmare Videos

Digital FoundryAlan Wake's American Nightmare V-Sync Tests Video

Ever wondered why games have screen tear? Here's a comparison of the same game with tearing and with v-sync engaged.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake's American Nightmare Performance Video

A look at how Remedy's game runs in default mode across a number of different stages.

VideoAlan Wake's American Nightmare launch trailer

Atmospheric XBLA shooter arrives next week.

VideoAlan Wake's American Nightmare teaser trailer

Starring evil Wake doppelgänger Mr. Scratch.

VideoAlan Wake's American Nightmare gameplay

Guns blazing horde mode Fight 'til Dawn.

VideoMore footage from Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Remedy talks up sci-fi B-movie inspiration.

VideoNew Alan Wake's American Nightmare footage

Remedy talks us through XBLA horror follow-up.

VideoAlan Wake stars in XBLA House Party 2012 trailer

Plus Ubisoft's I Am Alive, Nexuiz and Warp.

VideoAlan Wake's American Nightmare footage

New chapter bound for Xbox Live Arcade.

VideoNew Alan Wake XBLA trailer

Remedy offers up a cryptic teaser.