Alan Wake Videos

Digital FoundryAlan Wake PC: 60FPS Gameplay Video

The PC game doesn't just boost visual resolution - you get a temporal boost too. Wake looks great at 60Hz.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

Shorn of the tech limitations of the console, Alan Wake's visuals gains a new dimension.

VideoAlan Wake PC version footage

Xbox 360 thriller out on Steam tomorrow.

VideoAlan Wake: The Writer trailer

Released 12th October.

VideoAlan Wake: The Signal - Verizon

Product placementalism.

VideoAlan Wake: The Signal - Furnaces

Fight fire with fire. Well, a torch.

VideoAlan Wake: The Signal - Deer

Alan deals with a troublesome animal.

VideoAlan Wake: A bit of a jerk

The Signal shines a light.

VideoYou can't stop The Signal in Alan Wake

First slice of DLC coming soon.

VideoBright falls Pt. 6 - Clearcut

Trophy deer and spitting sheriffs.

VideoBright Falls pt. 5 - Off the record

Things don't get any more normal in Bright Falls.

VideoRemedy hypes Alan Wake technology

Official take on sexy visuals.

VideoPt 3 of Alan Wake: Bright Falls - Lights Out

The mysteries of Bright Falls deepen.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake environment scale showcase

Please note: may contain story spoilers.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake environment scale showcase

Please note: may contains story spoilers.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake combat stress test

Performance analysis of the combat system.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake atmospherics showcase

Remedy's visual effects under the microscope.

Digital FoundryAlan Wake Performance Analysis

The first 10 minutes put through its paces.

VideoAlan Wake - Puzzles!

Rich Leadbetter outsmarts the Taken.

VideoAlan Wake - Combat!

Rich Leadbetter takes out the Taken.

VideoAlan Wake - Driving!

Rich Leadbetter outmanouevres the Taken.

VideoAlan Wake: the first 10 minutes

When you go down to the woods today.

VideoNew Alan Wake trailer builds the tension

Terror and intrigue in mountain town America.

VideoAlan Wake's Bright Falls prequel begins

Part one of the Lynchian scene-setter.

VideoThe Eurogamer TV Show: Forza 3, Alan Wake and Lips

Fast cars, scary forests and terrifying falsetto.