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Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

"Time will tell" on chances of Alan Wake sequel.

Xbox One sci-fi adventure Quantum Break will ship with episodes of its tie-in TV show included on its disc.

Rather than being a spin-off or separate entity, the episodes will fit snugly within the game's ongoing narrative and adapt to reflect the choices you've made.

"Acts of the game are interwoven with episodes of the show," Quantum Break's lead writer Sam Lake told Polygon. "What we have as connecting tissue are these moments of choice related to the fiction of time powers.

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Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break will also be a TV show which will interact with the game.

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break appears to blend a live action TV show with a video game, with actions in one affecting the other. Microsoft's Xbox One press release calls it "a revolutionary entertainment experience... that blurs the line between gaming and TV by integrating drama and gameplay into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience. How you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game." Defiance, anyone?

UPDATE: Remedy creative director Sam Lake has commented on the future of the Alan Wake series following the studio's announcement of new IP Quantum Break.

"Remedy's next big game won't be Alan Wake 2," Lake wrote on Twitter. "We'll return to Wake when the time is right. More on this tomorrow."

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Alan Wake sells two million on PC, Xbox 360

Alan Wake sells two million on PC, Xbox 360

"After a slow start it's turning into something really positive."

Sales of 2010 survival horror Alan Wake have topped two million across PC and Xbox 360, developer Remedy Entertainment has announced.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen admitted the game had got off to a sluggish start but word of mouth has finally pushed it to "success" status.

"After a slow start it's turning into something really positive. It's definitely had legs. I think narrative experiences just have a tendency for that," he said.

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Alan Wake PC update due this week

Alan Wake PC update due this week

Remedy details schedule for improvements and fixes.

The belated PC port of Remedy's survival horror Alan Wake is due a patch later this week, the developer has announced.

As detailed on the game's official forums, the update will fix various bugs and add "unofficial support" for 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions.

Here's the full changelog:

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Remedy discusses Alan Wake 2

Next Xbox, shorter dev cycles and why it won't launch on PlayStation.

Remedy Entertainment has discussed the heavily-rumoured Alan Wake 2, suggesting, if it happens, it won't take as long as the first game to create and won't launch on a PlayStation console.

Alan Wake PC release date announced

Alan Wake PC release date announced

"We've done our best to do justice to the PC version."

Alan Wake launches on PC through Steam on 16th February, Remedy Entertainment has announced.

It goes live on "other popular digital channels", such as EA's Origin, "soon afterwards".

The boxed retail version, courtesy of Nordic Games, is "coming soon".

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40% of all Star Wars: The Old Republic sales made through Origin

40% of all Star Wars: The Old Republic sales made through Origin

More publishers sign up to EA's digital platform.

Nearly 40 per cent of all copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic sold to date were bought through Origin, EA has announced.

The daily active users peak at more than one million players.

EA issued a note today announcing a raft of publishers who have jumped on board EA's Steam rival, including Alan Wake developer Remedy, Focus Home Interactive, Iceberg Interactive, Strategy First, Macro Games, Selectsoft and Legendo Entertainment.

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Alan Wake PC confirmed

Alan Wake PC confirmed

Out early next year. Screenshot released.

Alan Wake launches on PC during the first quarter of 2012, Remedy has announced.

The Finnish developer said during a press conference in London this afternoon that the game will launch on Steam.

A single screenshot, below, has been released.

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New Alan Wake XBLA trailer goes live

New Alan Wake XBLA trailer goes live

Remedy puts out cryptic teaser ahead of big reveal.

A new teaser trailer for the forthcoming Alan Wake Xbox Live Arcade title has gone live.

It's cryptic stuff, just showing a sheet of typed paper that reads the following:

"I'm going to tell you a secret. There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true, powered by the dark energies leaking from beyond.

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Alan Wake dev defends XBLA decision

Fans "assuming a lot" by judging spin-off.

Alan Wake fans should not be disappointed the next game in the series is an Xbox Live Arcade spin-off, developer Remedy has said.

Alan Wake's Night Springs coming to XBLA

Story, arcade modes spotted.

The forthcoming Alan Wake spin-off for Xbox Live Arcade is named Alan Wake's Night Springs and will feature both story and arcade modes, a leaked screenshot has revealed.

Next Alan Wake title to be revealed on Monday

New BioWare game, MGS: Rising news also due.

UPDATE: GameInformer's Jim Reilly just Tweeted, "Quick clarification re: Alan Wake VGA announcement: It's a standalone download game through Xbox Live, not Alan Wake 2."

New Alan Wake not yet signed?

MS exec Phil Spencer reckons so.

Fancy a bit more Alan Wake action? You might have to wait a bit - Microsoft executive Phil Spencer reckons the next instalment has yet to find a publisher.

The next Wake is not Alan Wake 2

Remedy confirms next instalment.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed to Eurogamer that "yes, more [Alan] Wake is coming!" But the Finnish developer said the new game won't be Alan Wake 2.

Silent Hill dev refutes Alan Wake likeness

Downpour will have "way more variety".

The producer of Silent Hill: Downpour has dismissed claims that the forthcoming sequel looks remarkably similar to recent Xbox 360 survival horror Alan Wake.

Xbox GOD delivers Alan Wake

Remedy for a cold evening.

Scary game about a writer gone mad, Alan Wake, is now available to download from Xbox Live Games on Demand. It was only released earlier this year.

Alan Wake 2 to be Kinect compatible?

Remedy recruiting motion control experts.

The next project from Alan Wake developer Remedy looks like it will be putting Kinect through its paces, according to a new recruitment listing.

Alan Wake Writer DLC in October

"Every question needs an answer."

The last piece of downloadable Alan Wake content, The Writer, will be released on 12th October for 560 Microsoft Points (£4.80 / €6.72).

No more DLC for Alan Wake

The Writer will "conclude things".

There will be no more downloadable content for Alan Wake following The Writer, Remedy boss Matias Myllrinne has said.

Remedy defends poor Alan Wake sales

Remedy defends poor Alan Wake sales

IP has "legs" to continue.

Alan Wake has the "legs" to continue despite poor sales, creator Remedy has insisted.

Alan Wake, which scored 7/10 in Eurogamer's review, sold just 145,000 units during the month of May in the US. The heavily marketed Xbox 360 exclusive finished eighth overall on the software chart. The game had been on sale for exactly two weeks when the numbers were collected.

"Overall we have been very pleased with the reception of Alan Wake with both the press and the fans alike," head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen told VG247. "People compliment the story first and foremost, but love the characters, the combat and, of course, the setting.

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Alan Wake has a US sales nightmare

Alan Wake has a US sales nightmare

Split/Second, Blur, POP fail to perform.

Number crunching firm NPD has revealed that Alan Wake sold just 145,000 units during the month of May in the US.

The heavily marketed Xbox 360 exclusive finished eighth overall on the software chart. The game had been on sale for exactly two weeks when the numbers were collected.

Split/Second: Velocity was released on the same day but missed out on a top 10 finish. Black Rock and Disney's racer notched just 86,000 sales during the two-week period.

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Alan Wake live-action prequel on Sun

Six-episode Bright Falls to debut on Live.

Microsoft has announced that the first two episodes of a six-part live-action prequel to Alan Wake will be distributed through Xbox Live this weekend.

GameCity Alan Wake event cancelled

GameCity Alan Wake event cancelled

Remedy's Sam Lake denied by volcano.

VOLCANO WATCH: Casualty number two! Nottingham's GameCity has had to cancel a special Alan Wake event because special guest Sam Lake can't fly from Finland to the UK.

The great Eyjafjallajökull ash-cloud in the sky permits none passage.

GameCity had arranged the Alan Wake extravaganza for this Saturday at the Broadway cinema. Lake, writer of the game, was going to show Alan Wake before fielding questions and revealing what life at developer Remedy is like.

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Remedy doesn't rule out Alan Wake PC

But admits it's partly Microsoft's call.

Remedy hasn't ruled out doing a PC version of Alan Wake one day, but has said that it will need to be a decision made in conjunction with Microsoft.

Alan Wake gets 21st May Euro date

New trailer sets month in stone.

Microsoft has announced an 21st May European release date for Remedy's action thriller Alan Wake. North Americans get the game slightly earlier on 18th May.

Alan Wake getting DLC episodes

Due out following release this year.

Microsoft has said that Alan Wake will be supported by additional downloadable episodes on Xbox Live following release.

Alan Wake ending to be kept secret

May not be included in preview copies.

Remedy Entertainment is keen to keep the ending of new adventure game Alan Wake secret - so keen, in fact, they may not even include it in preview copies.

E3: Alan Wake confirmed for spring 2010

E3: Alan Wake confirmed for spring 2010

Remedy lights up Xbox conference.

Remedy has just demoed the long-awaited Alan Wake live on stage during Microsoft's E3 press conference in LA, confirming the 360-exclusive for a spring 2010 release.

Game writer Sam Lake came out on stage after Bungie had cleared off, and told the audience he wanted to introduce them to a "best-selling writer" who was a "good friend of mine". Guess who?

A voice-over from the protagonist reveals his wife is missing. Controlled live, Wake was shown in a dark building in a forest, holding a gun with a flashlight attached. The entire demo made it clear that the the use of light sources will play a fundamental role in the game.

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Remedy leaks Alan Wake teasers

Written excerpts provide clues?

Developer Remedy has offered three cryptic passages of text written by Alan Wake that may contain clues as to the state of the game.

Alan Wake to resurface this week

Plus: New trailer for Max Payne premiere.

Psychological thriller Alan Wake may be shown off in a new trailer at the Finnish premiere of the Max Payne film on 15th October.


Kim "excited" about unannounced games

And says Alan Wake and Halo Wars are fine.

Shane Kim, Microsoft's vice president of winding up the internet, has said the company still has some tricks up its sleeve and that people shouldn't worry about the absence of Halo Wars and Alan Wake from last week's showcase event.

"There are other things in the pipeline that we are not talking about yet that I'm pretty excited about as well," he told assembled press when asked about the duo's absence. "So it definitely gives us the opportunity not to have to rush things."

Although the showcase event, held in San Francisco, was understood to be a roundup of more or less all the company's 2008 titles - including previously unannounced Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - Kim's comments are likely to rekindle curiosity about rumours like the Wii remote equivalent ahead of E3 2008, where the company is likely to have a significant presence.

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Alan Wake to be 360 exclusive?

Alan Wake to be 360 exclusive?

Plus: Star Wars game for Wii!

As E3 grows ever nearer, our old friend Internet Reports is working himself up into a right old frenzy over rumours that Alan Wake will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

The game, which is being developed by Max Payne creators Remedy Entertainment, was originally down for PC and unspecified next-gen consoles. But now rumour has it that Microsoft has picked up the publishing rights - so while it could still appear on Proper Computers, it's unlikely that a PS3 or Wii version will turn up.

There's still no confirmation of whether Alan Wake will go on show at this year's E3, however, and Microsoft would only remind us that they don't like commenting on rumour or speculation.

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Alan Wake sleeps through E3

Remedy holds off showing it.

Those of you hoping for an update on Remedy's Alan Wake at E3 next week will be disappointed, according to reports.

New Alan Wake trailer

New Alan Wake trailer

You can call him Al.

A new trailer for Alan Wake, Remedy's forthcoming action adventure title for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, is now available on Eurofiles.

Remedy - also the creator of the Max Payne series - is billing the game as "a psychological action thriller", and if the trailer is anything to go by, it's going to be proper dark.

You can read a full preview of the game here, and there's an interview with writer Sam Lake and designer Petri Järvilehto here.

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Downloadable Alan Wake?

Remedy ponders Steam-y option.

Remedy Entertainment has revealed that it may consider the use of a digital distribution model, similar to the Steam content download service Valve uses for its Half-Life titles, for the PC version of its next-generation action-adventure Alan Wake.