Avalanche unveils unsigned AionGuard

Avalanche unveils unsigned AionGuard

Transform into Golems, hijack dragons.

Avalanche has unveiled its upcoming fantasy action adventure AionGuard for PS3 and Xbox 360, which is as-yet unsigned to a publisher after the Swedish developer bought the rights back from its previous collaborator.

The game, which graces the cover of this month's Edge, puts players in the symbiotic armour of a titular AionGuard in a world of magic-chucking armies that's billed as a shooting game rather than a hackandslash.

Described as "a mix of WWI dogfighter pilots, samurai and medieval knights", the AionGuard cast powerful magic, hijack swooping dragons and use them like flying warhorses, and transform into 60-foot Golems of immense power, only susceptible to the clambering blades of little soldiers who need to be shaken off at intervals.

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