The Agency News

Revealing Agent, BioWare's spy RPG that didn't survive the recession

"The concept was to do the other half of GoldenEye..."

Sony confirms The Agency is cancelled

205 jobs gone, three studios closed.

Sony closing The Agency dev today?

PS3 spy MMO off to 00-heaven?

Sony: Expect PlanetSide Next  Q1/Q2

Plus: The Agency, Free Realms PS3 launches.

Sony's spy MMO The Agency delayed

"We have to do better," says SOE.

The Agency: "something" playable soon

"MMO itself" will "take as long as it takes".

"No reboot" to The Agency as staff leave

SOE shrugs off studio head's departure.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

The Agency downplays subs, will have ads

Spy MMO considers revenue options.

The Agency to resurface next summer

Off-radar MMO to return at trade shows.

All future Sony MMOs console-bound

Including the next EverQuest.

No cross-platform play for The Agency

For "philosophical" reasons.

No microtransactions in The Agency

Developer clarifies real money trading deal.

Real money trading in The Agency

Could the spy MMO end up free to play?

Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire

Sixth Sony event heads to Vegas in August.

New details of The Agency emerge

"The noobs are going to get you."

SOE talks cultural naivety

MMO genre has moved on.

The Agency officially revealed

Action MMO for PC, PS3.

SOE unveils The Agency

PS3 gets first MMO.