Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures News

Funcom buys Conan IP

Combining characters from the Robert E. Howard universe for a new game.

Funcom closing Beijing studio, laying off staff in Montreal and North Carolina

Rejigging AO, AOC, TSW live teams to all be under one roof.

Age of Conan film content pack arrives

The Savage Coast of Turan.

Free Age of Conan doubles revenue

"Fourfold increase in players during July."

Free-to-play switch boosts Age of Conan

Sees "significant" number of new players.

Age of Conan "the best-looking" MMO

"But it comes at a cost," admits Funcom.

Age of Conan: Unchained now free-to-play

Have a pec at it for nothing.

Age of Conan dev on class moaning

"It's so inherently biased."

"No plans" for Age of Conan on Xbox 360

Console version finally laid to rest.

Age of Conan going free-to-play

Gets new name, content, server merge.

Games can rival Hollywood

So says Conan film producer.

MMO storytelling: "more isn't better"

Age of Conan boss argues the toss.

Age of Conan expansion dated

Rise of the Godslayer out next month.

Age of Conan expansion bundled in shops

Original game included in Deep Silver's box.

Age of Conan gets PvP update

New guild warfare, raised PvP level cap.

Play Age of Conan free forever

New 20-level trial lasts indefinitely.

Get on Secret World beta with Conan sub

Free fortnight and other incentives offered.

More AOC subs "initiatives" in pipeline

Funcom rewards vets, releases new patch.

Age of Conan free trial is back

Seven days of free barbarianism.

Secret World delayed by Funcom lay-offs

20 per cent of workforce cut.

AOC reactivation drive begins

Two weeks' play free for old timers.

Age of Conan expansion reveal soon

Funcom reckons we're "in for a treat".

Age of Conan gets new RPG system

Plus new city slum zone, pets, more.

More details on monster Conan patch

New playfield, extra slot for veterans.

Age of Conan turns corner, says Funcom

More players staying for longer, it claims.

Create new level 50 in Age of Conan

Next patch offers short-cut.

Age of Conan subs fall below 100,000

Funcom finance chief quits after huge losses.

Age of Conan adds four dungeons

Massive patch day for Funcom's MMO.

Age of Conan still in development for 360

"Small" but "dedicated" team working on it.

More than half of Conan servers closing

Funcom merges 49 realms into 18.

Conan 360, Secret World still on track

Console has "most, if not all" PC content.

Age of Conan server merges begin

Free transfer if you don't like new home.

Age of Conan 360 "still in production"

Funcom staff cuts won't affect development.

Funcom lays off American staff

Age of Conan developer tightens belt.

DX10, dungeons in next Conan update

No rest for the wicked Funcom.

Age of Conan adds Ymir's Pass zone

Loads of new content for level 50 plus.

Age of Conan to be released in Korea

First Asian version for Funcom's MMO.

Blizzard: WAR, AOC players coming home

Morhaime presents actual percentages.

Conan PVP consequences "very soon"

Funcom hoping for "early next week".

Age of Conan's combat being reworked

New director stripping back combos.

Crafting overhaul coming to Conan

New director works through to-do list.

Funcom to merge Age of Conan servers

More PVP and loot changes detailed.

Age of Conan will be more "player-centric"

Oh, and the PVP update's out. Sort of.

Age of Conan director leaves Funcom

Godager walks away after 16 years.

Age of Conan available on Steam

Second MMO joins Valve service.

Conan 360 "still very much set to happen"

In 2009, but PC still dominant focus.

Funcom confirms 400k players

Correction: "players" not "payers".

Age of Conan will tie in with new film

Dev has "close relationship" with Lionsgate.

Age of Conan updates detailed

New zones and DX10 features on way.

First Age of Conan expansion teased

Image suggests oriental theme.

Age of Conan nets 415,000 subscribers

And Funcom has more MMOs to come.

Blizzard: WOW lost players to Conan

They're coming back though, says Morhaime.

Still no PVP update for Age of Conan

Sexist damage bug fixed, though.

Funcom shares halve post-Conan

No mention of nipples in this report.

New info on Conan PVP revamp

Test server spills beans.

Age of Conan available to download

You'd better have lots of Internets.

Age of Conan nets 700,000 subscribers

But is it really the No. 2 MMO in the West?

Conan is "steak" to WOW's "McDonald's"

Funcom's Godager ribs rivals.

Alliance wars heading to Age of Conan

Funcom details the bloody road ahead.

Conan shipments hit 1 million

"Biggest MMO Launch since WOW".

Breast outcry "very surprising" to Funcom

Plus details of fresh content for June.

Age of Conan breasts to be re-inflated

Funcom sorry for accidental shrinkage.

Conan topples GTA IV in Europe

German and Swedish charts hail new king.

Pay for AoC without a card

King Conan now accepting PayByCash .

GTA IV still top of the UK charts

Ahead of Age of Conan and Haze.

Age of Conan nets 400,000 players

Funcom claims strong start for new MMO.

Age of Conan breaks pre-order records

Funcom beats chest, roars.

Blizz: room at the top for Conan and WAR

But a WOW-beater will need to be great.

Age of Conan early access sold out

Head starts for pre-orderers all gone.

One million sign for Age of Conan beta

Funcom reckons it's the biggest ever.

Age of Conan pricing confirmed

Also: shocking install size revealed.

Eidos explains accessing Conan early

Where to pre-order, what to do.

Age of Conan open beta gets date

50,000 players invited, level cap imposed.

Play Age of Conan three days early

When you pre-order a copy.

New Age of Conan PVP modes revealed

Mini-games join siege warfare.

Age of Conan 360 a year behind

Expect it 12 months after PC.

Age of Conan uncensored in UK, US

Nipples but no severed heads for Germany.

Age of Conan pushed back to May

Sits alongside Warhammer Online.

Funcom talks siege warfare

Age of Conan shapes up.

GC: Best Of winners revealed

Crysis, BioShock, PES 2008.

MMO news updates

Rolled into one for you.

Age of Conan delay explained

Game director wades in.

Age of Conan delayed

Bit more time to buff it up.

Age of Conan beta hysteria

Over 100,000 sign-up.

Age of Conan beta key giveaway

Eurogamer exclusive UK partner.

Age of Conan PC in October

Still no word on 360 date.

360 gets Age of Conan

Funcom starts development.

SCi/Eidos takes on Conan

MMO co-publishing deal signed.

Conan the Barbarian MMORPG

"For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm."