Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai 2 announced for PC and consoles

Offbeat anime Afro Samurai has sprouted a second video game conversion, this time for launch on PC and "next-gen consoles".

Set in a future version of Japan which has returned to the country's feudal roots, Afro Samurai follows the titular fighter on a personal quest to avenge the death of his father.

The first Afro Samurai title was released back in 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The work of Namco Bandai, it was loosely based on the series' original manga.

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Namco explains BottleRocket ousting

Splatterhouse dev had "performance issue".

Namco Bandai Games America exec Makoto Iwai has explained that the publisher pulled its Splatterhouse remake from developer BottleRocket last month due to "a performance issue".

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai


"With no multiplayer modes at all, no elaborate systems and nothing cluttering up the screen, Afro Samurai is a minimal game, as sparse and hypnotically repetitive as RZA's beats," we wrote when we previewed it back in December. "It puts what it does best front and centre: easy, moreish slaughter, spectacular graphics, and a strongly individual licence supported by some top-drawer voice-work.

"Afro Samurai has the gratifying shallowness of many licensed games - but unlike those others, it also boasts a perfect marriage of form and function," we ventured.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Afro Samurai


In the 80s and 90s, gaming was the frontline in the pop-culture clash of East and West. Japanese games came on chunky plastic cartridges, and were played on games consoles that were probably orange, and they were simple and stylised and surreal and featured things that were a lot bigger than they were supposed to be, and things that flew and talked and had eyes that shouldn't. Western games came in huge cardboard boxes full of floppy disks, and had paintings of monsters on them, and were played on beige computers, and were dark and complex and long and full of menus and blood and lore and things that tried very hard to be exactly like they were in real life.