Advance Wars: Dual Strike

It's been coming up to a decade since we last saw Advance Wars, the brilliantly characterful turn-based strategy game from Intelligent Systems, and it seems it might be a little while longer until there's a new one. We at least have some insight into why it's taking so long, though.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

A must-buy handheld classic.

Being yet another game to shoehorn a DS-related subtitle into its name, Advance Wars: Dual Strike once again sets out to prove that two screens are, indeed, better than one. But is it really the great, er, Advance we're all hoping for, or another dead-eyed attempt by Nintendo to get us to part with our hard-earned cash in an effort to play the same game on another handheld? Could Intelligent Systems really bring more to the game than had previously been achieved on GBA without ruining the essence that made Advance Wars such an essential offering in the first place?

Short answer? Damned Straight it does.

Dual Strike not only makes clever use of the DS, but beefs up the content while maintaining the ease, simplicity and out-and-out compelling gameplay that previous versions delivered in spades. If you thought either of the previous two versions were good, then it's probably best to acknowledge from the off that the best part of the next few months of your life will be lost to the third handheld incarnation of the classic turn-based strategy masterpiece. It's definitely one of those games.

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Euro Advance Wars DS dated

One month later than the US.

The first Nintendo DS instalment in the brilliant turn-based strategy series Advance Wars, Dual Strike, will be released in Europe on September 30th, Nintendo announced today.