530 Eco Shooter

530 Eco Shooter

530 Eco Shooter

Flaying waste.

The Wii-propelled renaissance of the on-rails shooter is in no way unwelcome. Both Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and House of the Dead: Overkill have reawakened an affection for laying uncomplicated waste to the undead that had lain dormant since the golden days of lightgun games.

What's more, Sin and Punishment 2's awe-inspiring screenfuls of pretty bullets and three-pronged whale assaults remind us that this can be an insanely creative and visually gobsmacking genre.

For its part, 530 Eco Shooter is an eyebrow-raising concept - blasting away at sentient rubbish with a recycling gun sounds like it might be fun - and the fact it's been put together by Intelligent Systems, of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem fame, had our radars twitching. But sadly it's no milestone on the road of the on-rails shooter renaissance. In fact, it's actually a bit rubbish.

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