3DS Classics Urban Champion

Video game genres often end up having stock comments associated with them. You may have said some of these things yourself. "Of course, it isn't as good as Mario," works pretty well if you're talking about most platformers, for example. Then there's: "It's just a spread sheet, really," which is great for sports management sims and some of the weirder, more item-heavy RPGs. There's even: "My back is hurting. I can't feel my left leg," to bust out after a Kinect session. And for fighting games? For fighting games, the classic is: "I'd like to get into them, but they're too complicated. I'm not as clever as Simon Parkin."

Out This Week - 19/08/11

Xenoblade! Age of Empires! Soldiers!

The warm and fuzzy till-ringing sound of capitalism returns to shops this week, as the games industry escapes the annual drought of summer.

Nintendo eShop update - 18/08/11

Nintendo eShop update - 18/08/11

3D Classics Urban Champion!

A new version of NES classic 3D Urban Champion headlines this week's Nintendo eShop update.

It's the third tarted-up 3D Classics release, following Excitebike and Xevious.

Never heard of Urban Champion? It's a fighting game where players must knock each other into a sewer manhole.

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