3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

Putting on the Ritz?

It's rather revealing that this latest Live Arcade excursion into the realms of casual multiplayer amusement goes by the more mundane title of "minigolf" rather than the more traditional "crazy golf".

For all its bright colours and incessant upbeat muzak, and despite mostly acceptable controls and ball physics, it's a curiously inert affair. Diverting and moderately engaging, certainly, but never reaching the levels of instantly gratifying hilarity you'd expect from a game that sees you putting away on fairground rides, in wild west towns full of dynamite or in the low gravity environs of outer space.

(And, yes, I realise that the "minigolf" name has probably been used since that's what most American gamers call this peculiar pastime... but then I'd have to think even harder about how to start the review, and where would that get us? Nowhere. So shush.)

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Live Arcade double header

Gyruss and Golf tomorrow.

Microsoft looks to be making good on its pledge to up the rate of Xbox Live Arcade releases - with Gyruss and 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures both set to appear tomorrow morning at 9am GMT.

Vivendi buys Assault Heroes dev

Five for XBLA still on track.

Vivendi has plunged a virtual hand deep into its publishing pockets this afternoon to buy Wanako Games, the developer behind the Xbox Live Arcade hit Assault Heroes.