24: The Game

24: The Game

24: The Game

Jack of all trades.

It's a little known fact, but I actually live on the same street as Jack Bauer. It's true I do. Sometimes I bump into him in the bakery, and he grabs me by the lapels and shouts "TELL ME WHERE THE BREAD IS" and I point over the counter. Then he'll walk out munching a donut and shouting "TELL ME WHICH SIDE THE JAM IS ON". We get on quite well. I mean, there was that occasion I said I didn't know what time it was and he forced me to part-swallow a tea towel and then ripped out my stomach lining, but I understand why he did it. Jack is a man of ACTION.

(And a man of STEALTH and of DRIVING and of MINI-GAMES.)

I doubt he'd like 24: The Game though, because it just won't let you get on with your GOD DAMN investigation. All the time it's grabbing you by the aiming reticule and saying "come on, point it over here" or whispering in your ear that you need to go over here or over there. At times the layout and gameplay styles encourage you to think it's about to open up the whole of Los Angeles for you to explore, but it never gives you any real freedom. It's riding shotgun to the director, basically, and Jack's a man who "plays by his own rules" as one character points out (unskippably over and over and over again every single time, should you reload the mission).

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