The X Factor Sing

The X Factor Sing

The X Factor Sing

But is it right for this competition?

We love The X Factor. We love Sharon, we love Simon, we love Louis, we even love Kate Thornton, with her strange outfits and her inability to begin a single sentence without leaning her head to one side like she's had a stroke. And we love the contestants - especially, at the moment, Andy the binman and Nicholas the new Craig David. We do wish the Conway Sisters would stop looking like they've all just found a dog egg in their shoes though.

We also love PS2 karaoke games, both the flashy Singstar ones and the cheapo Konami version, which may not have the proper videos or pop stars but does feature a Huey Lewis and the News song and uses a headset that lets you pretend you really are a part of the Rhythm Nation.

So we had high hopes for The X Factor Sing, a karaoke game which comes with a Logitech microphone (Sony won't let anyone else make a game which uses the Singstar mics, the tightwads) and the promise that Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh themselves will rate your vocal talents.

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