X-COM: Terror from the Deep

Julian Gollop reveals how the original X-Com was nearly cancelled - twice

As of the year 2000, the X-Com franchise had sold 470,000 games and made just over 1 million smackaroos, creator Julian Gollop revealed at GDC today. Consider that the original cost just 115,000 to make, and it was "a very profitable game" both for Julian Gollop and his brother as well as ye olde publisher Microprose.

But the game that became a legend - and was reincarnated so successfully recently - was nearly cancelled. Twice.

Gollop pitched X-Com to Microprose - his publisher of choice - and the publisher talked it over with him, suggested some alterations and ask that he go away and write a design document for the game.

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The Story of X-Com

From the school playground to Laser Squad Nemesis in the words of Julian Gollop.

It's 1983. Thatcher has marched the Conservatives to a landslide victory, the Austin Metro is Britain's best-selling car, and a new BBC Micro game called Time Lords has just launched.