A Way Out

Fresh presentation and admirable dedication to its big idea can't save this two-player adventure from mediocrity.

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A Way Out review - humdrum crime with a co-op twist

A Way Out, the new game from the Swedish-Lebanese director Josef Fares and his team Hazelight Studios, absolutely insists on being played co-operatively by two players. Not just two players, but two friends. The action is followed using a clever, dynamic split-screen display that keeps the two player characters in view at (almost) all times, and the game is best experienced in local play. It can be played online, but not with strangers; there's no matchmaking and you can issue invites to your friends list only. You are, at least, granted a Friend Pass that lets your online buddy download the game and play with you for free.

A Way Out

Developer: Hazelight studios

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A Way Out gets release date, as creator Josef Fares rants about Oscars, lootboxes and his publisher EA

Last night at The Game Awards, co-op criminal caper A Way Out got a new trailer which also revealed the game's release date (23rd March 2018). But that is not what A Way Out's segment will be remembered for.

A Way Out's chief creator Josef Fares was on hand to chat with host Geoff Keighley and introduce his game - but instead launched into an extended, expletive-ridden rant about other matters.

In Fares' firing line last night: the Oscars, lootboxes and the recent backlash against Star Wars Battlefront 2 publisher EA (which Fares is working with to publish A Way Out).

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A Way Out crafts a cocky new forced co-op concept

Couch play with Brothers developer Josef Fares.

A couple of weeks ago I played a new Escape the Room experience which blew my mind a little bit - where, part-way through, we were suddenly introduced to another, separate room to explore. The sudden change in gameplay forced our team to behave differently - coordinating to solve situations from different perspectives at the same time. It's a frantic feeling of fun I found again today, thousands of miles away, playing A Way Out - another game where two points of view unfold simultaneously, where players must communicate to progress.

Brothers director announces co-op prison break game A Way Out

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons writer and director Josef Fares revealed the new game he's helming. It's called A Way Out and it's a co-op game about two men breaking out of prison.

Revealed at EA's E3 press conference, A Way Out is the debut of Fares' new Swedish studio Hazelight.

Fares confirmed that A Way Out will only be playable in co-op. He noted that there will be an online option, but he strongly suggested playing it splitscreen in the same room.

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