The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The downfall of Telltale, maker of The Walking Dead episodic series of games, sent shockwaves rippling through the video game industry. Over 200 people lost their jobs in one fell swoop. That's shocking enough, but here's the kicker: Telltale let these people go without giving them severance pay. This means hundreds of staff will struggle to pay rent, mortgages, or perhaps even feed their families. According to one former member of the team, some started at Telltale as recently as a week ago, and some of those people have children. At least one relocated across the country. The situation is heartbreaking.

The final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead is working to its conclusion, and the six year adventure of Clementine is coming to an end. She has been a fan favourite from the start, and over the years we've seen her grow from a nervous first-grader to a mature young woman. Her character development is unprecedented in games and now, with the end to her story fast approaching, Clementine has taken her place among the great female protagonists.

Telltale Games: "We have let players down in the past"

The Walking Dead producer on the studio's future and its much needed improvements.

Telltale Games feels midway through a transition period. Last year saw it gain a new CEO and shed a huge percentage of its workforce, as it slimmed down its ever-running factory line of episodic games.