The Starship Damrey

The Starship Damrey review

The Starship Damrey review

Mary Celestial.

"Welcome, Mr. Guest."

It seems friendly, but it's not. It's spoken in a robotic, chilly monotone. And it's the very first thing you hear after downloading The Starship Damrey and unwrapping that cute little present on the Home Screen of your 3DS. It's not quite the cheery jingle I'd be listening to if I'd tapped the StreetPass icon, that's for sure, and it's considerably less stirring than Fire Emblem's rousing fanfare. It's downright ominous, and it strikes the perfect tone.

Part of Level-5's Guild02 anthology, The Starship Damrey is a stark little adventure title set in the gloomy, metallic corridors of a seemingly abandoned spaceship. Your character wakes from cryogenic sleep still trapped within their stasis pod, and can only explore the Damrey proper by remotely controlling a cute R2D2-alike that slowly trundles through the starship's echoing, shadowy corridors.

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