The Naked Gun: ICUP

App of the Day: The Naked Gun: ICUP

Comedy is a tricky beast at the best of times, doubly so where games are concerned, as vital elements such as timing and nuance are often left up to the player rather than the creative team. The idea of bringing the distinctive surreal spoofery of The Naked Gun to games is a bold venture then, and it comes as no surprise that DNA Interactive has been unable to recapture that mercurial Zucker Brothers style.

With Leslie Nielsen taking his fart machine to the great cockpit in the sky, you're stuck playing as Frank Drebin Jr, son of Nielsen's original character. Gameplay looks, at first glance, to be very much in the classic LucasArts point-and-click mould, but it doesn't take long to realise that puzzles aren't really on the menu.

Cases can be collected from Frank's desk at the ICUP office, handed out by other characters, or else sent your way via police radio or by phoning the police station robot. All follow a similar 'find the object' format, sending you to explore the game's ten or so locations. Some cases have multiple stages, and feel fairly robust. Others are simply a question of finding a bicycle or a cat.

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