A Little Turbulence

App of the Day: A Little Turbulence

App of the Day: A Little Turbulence

These things go dowwwwn!

What's the best five minutes in all of cinema, eh? The envelope delivery at the end of Back to the Future II? The bit in Raiders where William Hootkins grabs his pipe and says, "Top. Men."? No, it's the scene in Midnight Run where Charles Grodin pretends to freak out on a jumbo jet so that Robert De Niro can't fly him back to LA. "These things go dowwwwn!" says Grodin, doing lovely little windmills with his elbows. "They're too big. They can't go up."

Well Charles, they certainly do go down, and after playing A Little Turbulence, I know why they do. They go down because a small cloud became a big cloud by eating other small clouds, and then the big cloud triggered Rage mode, and vacuumed all of the jumbos up into a huge, angry vortex.

That's A Little Turbulence for you in a nutshell, really: it's a side-scrolling, 8-bit charmer with a jaunty chip tune soundtrack, and it's all about getting bigger and then destroying things. I like it a lot, but I'm never going to fire it up on a plane. It wouldn't be right.

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