The Forest

The Forest Early Access review

What's the scariest thing an enemy can do in a survival horror game? Turns out the answer is "just stand there". That's likely to be what your first glimpse of The Forest's cannibalistic mutants will be: a sudden double take, a human figure among the trees, standing, watching, waiting. It's genuinely terrifying.

Price and availability

Windows only on Steam and Humble Store: 10.99

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YouTube editor Ian Higton's just sent me an email describing The Forest as a "super scary run-away-from-cannibals simulator." Does that sound like it might be up your alley? Because he's also told me that he's doing a live stream of the game at 5pm BST this evening.

FeatureAmbitious open-world horror game The Forest detailed

The minimalist hybrid of BioShock, Myst and Minecraft.

When I think about games that have disappointed me, I can't help but think of BioShock. It's not that Irrational's dystopian shooter was a bad game, but it wasn't really what I thought it was going to be. I was lured in by the premise of being an anonymous survivor desperately trying to escape the ruined, mutant-infested remains of a spectacular underwater city. I thought you'd get to navigate this environment in an open-ended fashion, taking advantage of a supposedly rich ecology of mutated miscreants. Instead it ended up being a bunch of linear corridors full of one-dimensional kill-happy characters and binary choices.

First-person open-world survival horror game The Forest looks brilliant

Inspired by The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust.

Vancouver-based studio SKS Games may not have long history with the only title to its name being the iPad horror outing End Night, but it's comprised of special effects artists who worked on Tron Legacy and 300, and the team's bold visual style has carried over into its debut PC game, a first-person open world survival horror affair called The Forest.