The End is Nigh

A worthwhile, if familiar, successor to Super Meat Boy.

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The End is Nigh review

RecommendedThe End is Nigh review

Making friends is hard.

The End is Nigh has quite the trailer. Presented as a fourth wall-breaking Let's Play video about a blob named Ash (voiced by Red Letter Media's Rich Evans) playing through a minimalist pixelated platformer called The End is Nigh, all seems well with the affable Ash until tragedy strikes and he gets a game-over. Only it's worse than that. The game crashes, sending Ash into a profanity-laden panic of the highest order. Initially it seems like a cute, clever marketing ploy parodying streamer culture, and it is, but it's also the opening cinematic to the game. Ash, as it turns out, is the last man (or blob. Or whatever) on earth, and his dinky little video games are all he has left.

The End is Nigh

Publisher: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel

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The chamber is dimly lit and smells of damp. On a battered wooden table sits a copy of The End Is Nigh, a brand new game from Super Meat Boy developer, Ed McMillan. Next to that is a dusty VHS player with a post-it note stuck to the front instructing you to "Play me!".

Super Meat Boy's spiritual successor The End is Nigh reveals more masochistic gameplay

Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen and Closure developer Tyler Glaiel have unveiled more footage of their upcoming platformer collaboration The End is Nigh.

We knew The End is Nigh would be a series of single-screen platforming challenges, but now we have a better sense of how it all fits together. It looks like each single-screen challenge connects directly to another part of the world, yet timed events - such as crumbling platforms and towers - reset every time you walk to another screen and back.

Thankfully, these transitions are instantaneous. They also only reset the level's geometry, while the collectible doodads - of which there appears to be one per screen - stay with you so long as you're able to snatch one and make your way off-stage. If you collect one then don't make it out, however, you'll have to grab it again.

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Super Meat Boy co-creator unveils retro platformer The End is Nigh

The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen has unveiled a new platformer he's making with Closure developer Tyler Glaiel. It's called The End is Nigh and it's coming to Steam on 12th July.

A Switch port is planned to follow, and McMillen said it could come to "possibly more consoles later."

Set in a cruelly comic post-apocalypse, McMillen offered this delightful description of the End is Nigh's premise:

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