The Conduit HD

The Conduit HD announced for Tegra-powered mobile devices

The Conduit developer High Voltage Software is continuing its trend of releasing first-person shooters on platforms typically lacking in first-person shooters by releasing an enhanced, single-player only version of its Wii FPS on Tegra-powered mobile devices (Android/Google Play) with The Conduit HD due 14th March.

According to the game's page at Tegrazone, the first two mission will be free while the remaining six levels can be purchased in three-packs costing $2.99 each or as a bundle for $4.99.

"This project is important for our industry because it proves that not only can we deliver console-quality gameplay experiences on mobile platforms, but we can improve them," said High Voltage chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger. "From the graphics to the gameplay, The Conduit HD delivers an experience that was only previously possible on consoles."

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