The Basement Collection

The Basement Collection Review

The Basement Collection Review

"I made my heart into a monster."

With unlockables that come boasting titles like The Box and The Chest, The Basement Collection is pretty aptly named, really. In principle, Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen's latest is a collection of the Flash games he put together when he was learning his craft. In actuality, it's a chance to rummage around through his old files and crates and notepads, checking out everything from design sketches that look like op art and playable prototypes that feel a little like doodles, to a selection of actual doodles and crayon drawings he did as a kid.

It's a bit indulgent, but basements always are, right? They're where you store the stuff you can't quite bring yourself to throw away, the stuff that feels formative. It's fascinating, too. Basements always are. The past isn't a foreign country. It's all so much more intimate than that. Sometimes, the past is a basement.

For anyone wanting to cling tightly to their 2.99, it's worth stating that most of the games here remain available online for free. More than that, they - obviously - still run on Flash in the collection, and they're sometimes a little laggy with it, too. What you're getting, though, is a chance to truly own the games offline, and in a way that you can't when they're just in your browser, and you're getting a certain degree of refinement to go along with them, too. There's a hub menu that manages to be lavish and minimalist - both deftly stylish and pleasantly handicraft - and for each game there has generally been a range of careful updates: new levels and art tweaks for some, fresh soundtracks for others.

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