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Gamers made good soldiers

Head of Army says so.

The head of the British Army has said that the "PlayStation generation" (zomg bias) is actually pretty good at shooting people in the Afghanistan and Iraq.

"There was a time when commentators and some more experienced members of the Army expressed concern as to whether the 'PlayStation generation' were up to dealing with the gritty bloody conflict that is routine business in southern Afghanistan and Iraq," General Sir Richard Dannatt told Cardiff Business Club in comments reported by BusinessInWales.

"Well, I'm pleased to say that they are. Our young soldiers, drawn from across British society, are more than a match for what is required of them and I salute every one of them."

Obviously Dannatt wasn't suggesting that years spent fine-tuning FOV settings and learning how to use TeamSpeak properly have been influential in all that horrible warring, but presumably it is useful for morale to operate under the assumption that once you've done what you're doing a giant dropship will land and extract you. General Dannatt's Gamertag is unknown.

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