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Four-player co-op for Haze

Available throughout story mode.

Free Radical's futuristic shooter Haze will feature four-player co-op in both campaign and online modes.

Studio boss David Doak confirmed the news at the Ubidays conference in Paris just moments ago, in a game which is apparently "not just about war itself, it's about your perception of war".

He claimed the title would tackle subjects "not normally addressed in videogames", detailing it as being "truly a bit more mature without being gory".

It's expected to be strutting its stuff on the show floor tomorrow, and we'll be bringing you our thoughts on it soon.

Haze is a first-person shooter for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC that's set some 25 years in the future. It puts at your disposal a high-tech arsenal of vehicles and weapons, as well as performance-enhancing bio-medical support.

Expect a swathe of new media for it to appear this week.

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