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Four free indie games this weekend on OnLive

Dear Esther! Lume! PoP! Defense Grid!

Cloud gaming company OnLive has certainly had its troubles this week with a near bankruptcy/buyout/regeneration, but the service remains uninterrupted and this weekend concludes its Indie Weekend Giveaway promo.

For this weekend only the following games will be free:

  • PoP - Methodology Experiment One
  • Lume
  • Dear Esther
  • Defense Grid Gold

To reclaim your codes, go to OnLive's Facebook page, click on the links based on your corresponding territory, then follow the instructions to redeem the game of your choosing.

You're free to take them all, but will have to go through the redemption process for each title.

We were quite fond of both Dear Esther and Lume. Our Marsh Davies called the former "a sumptuous experience for its stunning appearance alone," in his 8/10 Dear Esther review. "All that matters is that Dear Esther is worth your time - and that its two-hour long chill will remain in your bones for a long while after."

Kristan Reed gave Lume a 7/10, calling its peculiar aesthetic based on filming paper and cardboard miniature sets "undoubtedly one of the most unique-looking games around" in his roundup.

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Dear Esther

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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