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Fortnite Tomatohead outfit: How to unlock the second Crown style

What it takes to unlock everything in the Tomatohead outfit in Fortnite.

Fortnite's Tomatohead is an outfit with progressive unlockable - a secondary Crown style.

While previous progressive outfits like Drift and Ragnarok have been tied to the arrival and purchase of a Season Pass, Tomatohead is the first standalone premium outfit to have additional unlocks.

Fortnite's Tomatohead outfit explained

Tomatohead - like Drift and Ragnarok - is an outfit unlocked from the in-game store for 1,500 V-Bucks. Once it has been purchased, it will unlock straight away for you to use.

Once it is unlocked, there are some challenges to complete to unlock a second 'Crown' style.

Like Fortnite's Birthday, these are tied to both in-game challenges and by accumulating XP.

You also don't need to worry about finishing them by the end of the season - take your time and as soon as you hit the requirements, the second style is yours.

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How to unlock the Crown Fortnite Tomatohead styles

To unlock the second stage, you have to perform a number of in-game challenges by playing matches and earning Fortnite XP.

Tomato ChallengeAmount required
Play matches25
Deal damage to opponents5,000
Gain XP20,000

Once all of the above has been completed, the second style will unlock.

Once again - there's no rush unlocking these, as you can do so past the end of the season. But of course, bragging rights are at stake, and if you are particularly keen at getting your hands on Crown, the above tells you what level to aim for.

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