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Fortnite Rift locations - how to use a Rift at different Rift spawn locations

Looking for Rift locations? This Fortnite page can help.

Using Rifts at different Rift spawn locations is one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges.

Completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 5 rewards. Note you'll need to be a Battle Pass holder in order to undertake this challenge.

Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

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How using Rifts at Rift spawn locations works

For the Week 8 Challenges, you are tasked with the following:

  • Use a Rift at differetn Rift spawn locations (10 total, 5 Battle Stars)

There are several other Challenges this week, including the Search between three oversized seats location.

As the challenge suggests, Rift spawn locations are dotted throughout the map.

Here's an example of one in the wild.

Rifts have been around for a little while now, and essentially function like a kind of teleporter or portal that... warps you up into the air.

There are plenty on the map - eighteen by our count - and you can actually fly between a lot of them, given you're chucked so high up into the air each time you pass through.

Finding them is simple enough - although they are a little small so you might struggle to spot them from a distance - and below you'll find our cheat sheet map for doing just taht.

As soon as you warp through, it'll tick one off the challenge total, and thankfully that means you don't need to travel through all ten required for the challenge in one round!

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is here! To help you get started with this heist themed season, we have guides on how to alert a Securitry Camera, secure data from Forecast Towers and destroy weakened walls or security gates. There's also a new Victory Umbrella! Meanwhile, learn what the best weapons are, the current Augments, how to get XP fast, use the best PC settings and earn a Victory Crown.

Fortnite Rift spawn locations explained

Though you only need to jump through a total of 10 rifts, thankfully there are many more across the map - eighteen, to be exact.

Here are all Rift locations to find in Fortnite (thanks to ImDivinity on reddit and the rest of the sub for help filling in the gaps):

Rift locations map

Rifts can't be spotted from the Battle Bus, but they can be sighted from a shorter distance on the ground, thanks to sparkly blueish nature.

Though you might find them naturally, going to their locations straight away at the start of the match has the added benefit of warping you up and away from enemies, and allowing you to glide down to the next one so you can quickly cross off a handful from your list.

Once you are done, there are plenty of other Challenges to take on this week - including the Fortnite Oversized Seats location and how to search between three oversized seats - so keep playing!

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