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Looks like Fortnite's new sniper will shoot through walls

And it'll add clay pigeon shooting.

Fortnite dataminers have discovered the 'heavy sniper rifle' weapon, due to be added in the hugely popular battle royale game's next update, which looks like it will be able to shoot through walls.

The information was first posted by StormshieldOne, which stated the gun would be able to "pierce through the first wall it hits". The rifle's bullets seem able to deliver a huge amount of damage, 157 points worth in fact, but this comes at the cost of a slower reload time.

If the dataminers are correct and the gun can indeed pierce through walls, this could really shake up the game. Using wooden defences could become significantly more risky, and some players on Reddit have labelled the move as "anti-building". It will be interesting to see the gun's impact when the weapon is added next week.

In other Fortnite news, dataminers at FortniteTracker have uncovered many of this season's Week 3 challenges, including the mysterious task of clay pigeon shooting. Players will apparently need to shoot clay pigeons from five different locations, making this a test both of accuracy and willpower. Wandering around the Fortnite map while looking at the sky hardly sounds like the easiest way to play the game.

Epic has also been busy fixing a number of issues that have popped up since the last update. Remote explosives, which had to be temporarily removed following a bug that stopped them causing damage to structures, have now been fixed and re-added to the game.

Another problem, called "ghost peeking", has also been fixed by Epic. For those of you who missed it, ghost peeking is when a player crouched in front of cover tries to shoot over it. The crouching player would be able to shoot freely, but other players would be unable to hit the crouching one. According to a Fortnite design chat post, this has now been adjusted, thus ending the strange (and rather unfair) game of peek-a-boo.

Players can now be seen (and shot) when peeking over cover.

One item that still hasn't been fixed, however, is Slurp Juice. The item remains missing from the game after the discovery of a bug which made players invincible. Hopefully the item will be re-introduced shortly when the technical difficulties have been resolved.

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