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Fortnite ice cream cone locations, how to eat ice cream cones

How to complete this Summer Escape quest.

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Eat ice cream cones is one of the Summer Escape challenges released during Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

To complete this Fortnite challenge, you'll need to first find ice cream cone locations, then eat five of the cones you find.

Completing this challenge will reward you with 30k XP, which will help you unlock the new Battle Pass skins.

If you complete enough Summer Escape quests, you'll also unlock bonus cosmetics items and a loading screen.

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Fortnite ice cream locations and how to eat ice cream cones

Ice cream cones can be found in floor loot or chests, but you're much more likely to find ice cream cones in coolers and ice machines. This means gas stations, campsites, and areas by large bodies of water are more likely to contain more ice cream cones.

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In the current Chapter 4, Season 3 we recommend landing at the gas station beside the bridge and water southeast of Rumble Ruins. It's possible an ice machine can spawn here, but if it doesn't, go into the caravan campsite opposite and search there for some coolers.

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You can then head east and use the nearby ziplines to search two campsites on the cliffs for ice cream as floor loot, or in possible cooler spawns. Then, make your way to the gas station between Creeky Compound and Slappy Shores to see if any ice machines spawned there. We found all five ice cream cones required for the Summer Escape challenge by using this quick route.

Once you've found an ice cream cone, don't forget to eat it! All you have to do is equip the ice cream like you would a weapon, then press the fire / use button to consume the ice cream and gain its special perk.

There are five different types of ice cream cones in Fortnite:

  • Normal ice cream cone: restores health
  • Spicy ice cream cone: restores health and increases movement speed
  • Frozen ice cream cone: restores health and makes everything slippery
  • Guzzling ice cream cone: restores health over time
  • Lil-Whip's special serve: restores health and shields

We haven't come across Lil-Whip's special serve yet, but you can usually get it from the character Lil-Whip himself. If you see him by an ice cream van go close and he'll start throwing ice cream at you if you're standing close enough to him.

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