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Fortnite Gnomes at Homely Hills locations explained

Where to find three Gnome locations.

Fortnite's Homely Hills Gnome locations is the focus one of of Season 3's challenges.

Gnomes are a reoccuring collectable type in Fortnite - going way back to the early Seasons of Chapter 1.

They reappear in Chapter 2, Season 3's first set of Challenges - requiring you to find just three Gnome locations in Homely Hills.

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Fortnite Homely Hills Gnome locations explained

Homely Hills is one of the few locations to escape the submerging of the map in Fortnite - and is visible in the very north from your first game.

When you get there, the Gnome locations are within close proximity to one another:

You can find one in the back garden at the south-western most property, standing next to the barbeque.

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Another is by a tree just to the north of that house - it should be visible when you move in that direction.

Another is inside the north-west most house. On the ground floor, find the living room area to find a gnome sat in front of the television.

There is also one more to the south of those houses on the west side of the location, next to a rock.

There might be other Gnome locations within Homely Hills, but you only need three to complete the challenge.

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