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Fortnite finally dates its end of season 10 live event

Looks like servers will be switched off straight after.

Fortnite's end of season (and possibly end of map) live event now at last has a firm time.

You'll be able to watch the fireworks this Sunday, 13th October at 7pm here in the UK - the exact moment this season is due to end.

This is unusual, as Fortnite's end of season live events usually take place a day or two before the actual end of season. After Fortnite's live events finish, play simply continues.

Instead, this event is scheduled to directly precede the moment Epic switches its servers off, takes the game down, and patches in the following season's files and Battle Pass.

Countdown clocks are now visible on TVs across the island, and above Dusty Depot's rocket launch pad.

It certainly suggests something cataclysmic will happen to the game's island, making it unplayable afterwards - and there have been several hints now we are reaching the endgame for it.

After 10 seasons, and a victory lap tour of map locations past and present in recent weeks, now feels the right time to bookend this chapter in Fortnite's history. There's even been a hint it will finally leave its two-year "Early Access".

What will happen? Well, it all looks set to kick off at Dusty Depot, as the Visitor's new rocket gets ready to launch and reset the game's timestream. The game's first audio logs are due to be added this week to tie some of its obscure lore together.

Whatever happens after that - a new island, a completely renewed version of the current map - well, it's probably best to visit your favourite locations now for the last time, while you still can.

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