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Fortnite buffs XP in first big Cube season update

Better shape.

Fortnite has greatly increased the XP available from completing its daily quests and character questlines, in response to fan feedback on the game's new Cube-themed season.

Completing your daily quests will now net you almost double the XP, from 51k up to 90k XP, while new and future character punchcards will award 150k XP instead of 80k XP.

Shared quests will now give a smattering of XP as well as gold Bar currency, and Team Rumble has also had XP added to its quests as well.

Weekly punchcards XP has been slightly reduced, meanwhile, to "lessen the setback of not completing them". In general, these changes have so far been warmly received by fans.

Today's 18.10 update to Fortnite adds the spicy Chili Chug Splash item which adds movement speed as well as health/shields, the season's super level character styles to take players up to level 200, and a second page of extra Toon Fish styles which this time require challenges as well as paint consumables.

As for those Cubes... well, Steamy Stacks has been partially destroyed by the arrival of the Gold Cube which seems to have been attracted to the Cube statue out front. Was a regular Cube hiding underneath all this time? Or did the Gold Cube try and "activate" the power plant's cube statue? For the uninitiated, Fortnite fans have been tracking the movements of numerous Cubes around the map - and watching them make babies.

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