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Football Manager 2015 has November release date


This year's new and improved Football Manager - FM2015 - will be released in November, developer Sports Interactive has announced.

The all important pick.

Details about features will wait until October, the developer said.

Football Manager 2014 - last year's instalment - raised an interesting question about how the game's original mode and simplified Classic mode will continue to coexist. They seemed both to be borrowing more and more ideas from each other - how much closer will they be this time around?

The other thing that happened last year was rival management series FIFA Manager bowing out for good. "... one game has practically dominated the market in recent years," FIFA Manager lead designer Gerald Köhler wrote, and competing meant investment the company wasn't prepared to make.

In terms of sales, Football Manager 2013 remains the series champ. Last year's instalment - FM2014 - was hurt by a cracked version of the game appearing early online, Sports Interactive said.

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Football Manager 2015

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