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Flight Simulator's UK makeover now pencilled in for second week of February

Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and London getting the photogrammetry treatment.

Following last week's news of a slight delay for Flight Simulator's third World Update - which is set to give the UK and Ireland a very welcome makeover - developer Asobo has narrowed down its launch window to the second week of February.

Flight Simulator's incoming third World Update continues the impressive work seen in previous overhauls for the United States and Japan, and will, as previously announced, include new aerials, improved elevation data, new landing challenges, new points of interest, five new hand-crafted airports, and five brand-new photogrammetry cities.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Xbox Series X/S announce trailer.

Building on those earlier details in its latest development blog, Asobo has now confirmed World Update 3's new airports as Barra, Land's End, Liverpool, Manchester-Barton, and Out Skerries, while the cities getting the photogrammetry treatment will be Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and London - the latter of which gets an airing in the screens below.

An early glimpse of the new photogrammetry London.
And another.

In addition to the above, Asobo notes World Update 3 will include "nearly 80" new points of interest (when it announced the UK-themed overhaul last year, it only had plans for 50-60), plus visual and logical improvements to 85 more area airports, and a "trio of new activities".

As the developer revealed previously, World Update 3's slightly later-than-expected release was caused by a few teething troubles integrating its new city data into the game. "There is a bit more integration work to be done," it explains in its latest update, "and then various data passes that need to be completed, but progress has been very good." As such, Asobo now expects Flight Simulator's UK update to arrive between 9th February and 11th February.

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