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Flashy Battlefield 5 trailer teases chaotic new modes

Now that's an andrenaline Rush.

EA is preparing to roll out another major update for Battlefield 5 - and contrary to popular opinion, it seems lightning can indeed strike twice, as this is the name for the second chapter of the game's continually-evolving story. (Lightning Strikes? Chapter 2? Sigh.)

Thanks to a very loud and rather gruesome trailer, we have our first real look at the update's new additions - including its shiny new game modes. Squad Conquest - a "tighter and more intense" 8v8 version of Conquest - is due to be available between 17th and 30th January, while a new co-op mode called Combined Arms will drop in February. The Lightning Strikes update also sees the return of Rush: a two-team attack and defense mode which should provide players with some explosive action.

Beyond new game modes, Lightning Strikes will also provide players with some alternative murder weapons, including the Zk-383 submachine gun, the Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle and M1922 MMG. These will be available through weekly challenges over the next few months. If you want to see the current update notes, you can check them out here.

People are also very excited about this tractor.

The update rolls out on 17th January and runs until March, when third chapter Trial By Fire comes rumbling in. That month will also see the advent of Battlefield's brand new battle royale mode (Firestorm): featuring 64 players, destructible environments and a ton of vehicles. Sounds like absolute panzermonium.

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