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First 360 Avatar clothes dished out

One for the snowboarders to enjoy.

Microsoft has served up the first batch of new clothes for Xbox Live Avatars.

They're free, and consist of a snowboarding coat, snowboarding gloves, snowboarding boots and a snowboarding hat. Yes the only things missing are some snowboarding trousers, but we went with the skinny Spandex-style black strides and were content with the ensemble.

Microsoft has previously promised regular and free clothing updates for Avatars, at least for the first few batches. The New Xbox Experience, which introduced Avatars, only launched mid-November, but we hope there are plenty of festive outfits planned for Christmas.

Because, let's be honest, the selection on there can be limiting. How were we, for example, supposed to match our curly hair and penchant for a costume or two? No fairy wings? And what about stubble?

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