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Final Fantasy's Behemoth comes to Monster Hunter World on PC this month

And you can dress your Palico up as a Moogle.

Monster Hunter World's Final Fantasy 14 crossover event, which introduces the formidable Behemoth to the game's steadily expanding menagerie of creatures, is coming to PC on December 21st.

Those brave enough to challenge the Behemoth, classed as an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter World, must have completed the game and be at a Hunter Rank of 16 or higher. The relevant A Visitor from Another World quest can then be initiated by speaking to the Serious Handler in Astera. This assignment will remain available indefinitely.

Successful Hunters are able secure a variety of rewards as part of the Final Fantasy 14 crossover update, including the Drachen armour set, the Gae Bolg insect glaive, and Dragon Soul Kinsect, all inspired by Final Fantasy's Dragoons.

Additionally, there's the utterly adorable Moogle α set, so that your Palico to get into the spirit of things, and sharp-eyed Hunters might also spot the odd Cactuar out in the wild.

You can dress your Palicos in the adorable Moogle α set.

Monster Hunter World's Behemoth update will be the fifth major content update to come to PC. Previous offerings, which introduced the likes of the Arch-Tempered Kirin, Elder Dragon Lunastra, Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth, and the Deviljho, alongside seasonal events, have been arriving at an increasingly rapid pace. With the addition of the Behemoth, the vast majority, if not quite all, of the content seen on consoles can now be enjoyed by PC players.

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