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Final Fantasy XIII-2 "early 2012" for EU

Type-0 still without a western release date.

Square Enix has pegged Final Fantasy XIII-2 for release in Europe in "early 2012".

In its latest financial results, the Japanese company offered a more specific launch timeframe for the US: January 2012, suggesting we'll get FFXIII-2 after North American gamers.

In Japan the game goes on sale in December 2011.

Wii compilation Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection and PlayStation Portable spin-off Final Fantasy Type-0 have release dates – but only for Japan. Will both games make it to these shores? If they do, it appears they will do so after 31st March 2012.

Current speculation points to Type-0 being re-jigged for launch on PlayStation Vita or as a PlayStation 3 Remaster for release in the West.

Noticeably absent from the release schedule is the long-awaited PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which suggests it won't launch in Japan until after 31st March 2012.

Last month Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura said development on the PS3 game, which was announced five years ago, was still limited to a "core" section of workers, though that group was now prepping the project for full production.

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